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Intra-School Events

Sporting activity taking place between pupils who attend the same school. For example, this can be in the form of an inter-class or house activity. Contact your School's PE Department for more information.

Inter-School Events

Sport or physical activity taking place involving schools from the same SGO Area or partnership (Leicester City SSPAN). Either as a one-off event or as part of a league. These competitions can act as qualifiers for Level 3 County Finals (known as Super-Series or Championship events).

A number of these events are aimed specifically at young people with Special Educational Needs and/or a Disability (SEND). The activities and sports selected for these events are either adapted to include a wider range of abilitie, or activities that can be performed by people with a wide range of abilities. Other events are inclusive and so include both SEND and mainstream young people who participate alongside each other.

County Final or Celebration Events

Leicester-Shire & Rutland Sport (LRS) stage the County Final showcase events in the form of Super-Series Finals and Championships. Qualifying schools from East and West Leicester City school teams participate and/or compete at these finals against qualifying schools from 9 other SGO areas for the chance to be crowned 'County Champions' in their particular competition!

Leicester-Shire & Rutland School Games Super-Series Finals – run throughout the year in a selection of sports, some feeding to regional and national competitions.

Leicester-Shire & Rutland School Games Championshipsare events that combine a number of county finals for different sports, making for a great day of high-quality competition and a celebration of sport and physical activity.

Leicester City SSPAN Events

1. Performance Competition


2. Development Competition

A strand of competitive school sport where the focus is to increase the number of individual pupils that represent schools.

These competitions provide the opportunity for less-engaged students, or those that are engaged but are perhaps less talented in traditional sports, to participate in non-traditional competitions. The ideal model for this is that the pupils that represent a school in the ‘Performance Competitions’ would not be eligible to participate in our ‘Development Competitions’ to give more young people the opportunity to represent their schools and to experience inter-school events with a competitive theme.

This competition tier is a new addition but is mostly based on existing sports. Where previously many schools have entered for example, football and rugby players into dodgeball competitions. We aim to limit this so that other pupils may have the opportunity to represent their school at sport, rather than the most talented few monopolising the competition offer.

The number of competitions has therefore not increased, but the new focus caters for an increase in the total of individual pupils that participate with an aim to raise activity levels and to inspire more young people through the School Games Programme. The structure and format of these events may differ slightly, with the potential introduction of alternative scoring and adapted rules implemented to assist with the provision of a more appropriate level of competition for the participants involved

These competitions do not have any progression to county finals, which keeps the emphasis on development and giving opportunities to new young people to compete.

3. Engagement Festivals

Events that can introduce inactive or low-ability/motivated pupils to physical activity and well-being, giving them a chance to represent their school in an event that is first and foremost about taking part. These non-competitive festival events are designed to develop skills through sport and physical activity including physical literacy, well-being awareness, mental health and transferable life skills such as teamwork and resilience.Festival pic

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