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Young Leaders Training - Case Study September 2015


Aims of programme:

-            To deliver the Sport Leaders UK Playmakers   Award to Leicester City SSPAN Schools

-            To educate Young Leaders on Level 1 School   Games Activity Cards

-            To educate Young Leaders on School Games   Blogging and maintaining a Sport Notice Board.

-            To practical deliver Level 1 School Games   activities to peers


Overview of programme:

In September 2015 Leicester   City SSPAN held its second Young Leaders Conference at Crown Hills Community   College.

Over 40 year 5/6 students   attended the training from 7 Leicester City ‘Silver or Gold’ SSPAN member   Schools. This training was in addition to the first Young Leaders training   held in April 15 with 9 City schools in attendance.

The children took part in a   full day’s training which included completing the Sports Leaders UK   Playmakers Award in Leadership. In the afternoon the children applied what   they had learnt with practically delivering small activities using the School   Games Level 1 Activity cards. Other children learnt how to Blog their PE and   school sport activities, and maintain their school sports notice board.

The day was supported by FE   leaders from Gateway Sixth Form College who delivered the practical element   of the days training.

The aim after the training is   for the children to go back into their school and help and support the good   work already going on in our local Leicester City Primary schools. These children will become the’ School   Organising Crews ‘and take a lead in the delivery of Level 1 School Games   activity e.g. delivering playground activities and small sided sports   activities.

Staff also attended a workshop   on the day looking at how to support the children in their ‘Crews’.

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September   2015 event: 100% of children said they were confident as a leader after the   training.

-            90% enjoyed the practical leadership activities

-            84% enjoyed the theory booklet (supporting the   training).

100% of staff felt their children had the   knowledge and practical ability to take on a leadership role at their school.

29%   would like a little more training at their school to support their   development further.

Some of the comments given by   the children who attended:

Today I   learnt a lot of things and I'm confident about being a leader!!

Today was a   brilliant fun day. I learnt a lot.

I enjoyed it   and would like to come again

Amazing   people, and it's been good to learn about leadership



-          Providing a full days training which hit the   Playmaker Award minimum requirements, in addition to providing an afternoon   of practical School Games delivery.

-            Trying to provide a training day to suit all   the role and responsibilities of a School Organising Crew. E.g. Head leader,   Spirit of the Games Leader, IT leader, Media and Photography leader.

Of the 16 schools who have   attended Young Leaders training in 2015, as of December 2015 13 are actively   running – 81%